Spotify is a new music-streaming website that was launched in the U.S. for the first time last week. It was founded in Sweden in 2006 and it’s the most popular music-streaming website in Europe.This website offers you a little more than Pandora. You can actually create your own playlists using any of their 15 millions tracks available in their catalog. 

They offer a free membership as well as a premium membership. Artists like Britney Spears and Talib Kweli are raving about the new site. You have to get an invitation to join this website and if you don’t want to pay the $5 a month for unlimited songs without ads then you’ll have to deal with ads and listening for a max of 10 hours a month. For $10 a month you can listen on your phone too. It’s also a social wesbite. Your freinds on Facebook will be able to see what your listening to. I feel like Spotify might be the new Pandora. I know I’ll be joining when the service becomes available to everyone.ç


The buzz about Google +


Hey Everyone,

I consider myself a social media junkie. So when I heard about Google + I had to find out more!  I was dying to sign up but quickly discovered that I couldn’t. Google decided to start with a “limited field trial” so only a certain amount of people could join the new social network launched last Tuesday. What makes them different then Facebook…I really like the idea of having circles of friends. I feel like on Facebook I don’t want to always share how I’m feeling with all of my 800 friends. I want to share the right thoughts with the right people and that is something that the Google+ network offers. The idea behind the circles is that you would put your family in one, friends you party with in another, and your boss in its own. Just like how you would in real life.

I don’t like the automatic photo and video upload to your google account. I feel like that would be a privacy issue for me. I think other people might agree as well. They also have a news feed like Facebook. You can pick which circle of friends gets what updates. That’s pretty handy. So, if you decide to skip out on work or a date and you get tagged at the bar with your friends… you’re fine. Or if you’re playing hooky from work, you could update to your work circle how miserable you are, while you’re keeping your buddies in the loop to go the beach later.

The Hangouts sound awesome. Way more personal than Facebook’s chat. Your able to ask certain people or a whole circle of friends to do a live video chat.Hangouts are a way to engage with the burgeoning community that exists on G+ and meet new people through mutual friends, your circles and your extended circles (who your friends circle). You’ll come across many friendly people and see how it really is a “small world,” especially at this stage with so many tech/media/social folks here.

Got a killer deal on Groupon this week :)


Hey Everyone!

This week I was introduced to Groupon! Wow, this website is amazing! I signed up using my email address. I recieve emails everyday giving me the deals-of-the-day in my area. I was able to specify the city and area around me that I was interested in getting offers from. Once I found something I liked, I purchases the Groupon via my computer or smart phone. Almost instantly I was sent an email with my Groupon code. It was very easy and hassle free. There are certain restrticitons to every certificate so you have to make sure you follow the directions very carefully. The Groupons also have an expiration time and the offer is no longer available, so you have to act quick. You can even purchase Groupons in other areas that you might be planning to visit on a vacation or work place. For example, you can purchase Groupons for package deals for dinner and a show in Vegas.

Groupon has been around since November 2008. The company is valued at over $1.35 billion. Groupon makes money by keeping approximately half the money the customer pays for the coupon.So, for example, an $80 massage could be purchased by the consumer for $40 and then Groupon and the retailer would split the $40. That is, the retailer gives a massage valued at $80 and gets approximately $20 from Groupon for it. And the consumer gets the massage, in this example, from the retailer for which they have paid $40 to Groupon. There are certain businesses to which Groupon will not offer its services, including shooting ranges, abortion clinics, plastic surgeons and strip clubs.Unlike classified advertising, the merchant does not pay any upfront cost to participate.

Protect your privacy on Facebook!


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I couldn’t believe this video when I found it. Facebook is selling our personal information to third parties with none of our knowledge. I first got a Facebook page in college when the only requirement was to be enrolled in a school and none of my personal information was given out. I can’t believe how much the privacy settings have changed over the years. It’s almost like they make it impossible to figure out to hide your information. My grandmother recently started an account and she posted all the information they asked her. I remember frantically getting up and reaching for my cell phone to let her know that it wasn’t smart to have all that information on the internet. It took me over an hour to walk her through on how to hide it.

Facebook has over 5 million  viewers and it’s still growing at an astonishing rate. Facebook creators would be dumb to not profit off such a large marketing avenue. The value of our information from Facebook has become knowledge that any company would love to have a piece of.

This is a photo of the Request for Permission page when you add an application to your page, i.e. Farmville. For such an important question, they are very vague. I would think this page should be red and stand out. This page has the ability to start sharing personal information to any third parties. That is scary!

All Facebook All the Time!


Hello 🙂

So this week’s discussion questions had me finding these unofficial blogs about companies. I stumbled across this website. It’s pretty cool. It’s all about Facebook. It shows a chart of the top pages, how many fans each page has, how quickly it’s growing by the number of fans on a daily and weekly basis. These numbers are insane! The website also has a section for Aps. It shows a list of application statistics. Who knew so many people were addicted to Farmville?

This website is advertising a service for companies to use to track pages and places. I think this website offers a very good tool for marketing and getting to know your audience. I think it would be very benficial.

Here’s an entertaining video about the world’s obessession with Facebook!

Anyone who owns a business or  wants to start one should find this video very informative and educational. Facebook is huge and is growing more and more day by day. I think everyone needs to have a little piece of it. I know a lot of the old-school business people don’t like change. They want to rely on listing their number in the Yellow Pages or putting ads in the local paper. That old-school way of thinking is only going to put them with a going out of business sign on their front store window.

That’s all for now 🙂 Have a good week!

Facebook “Check-Ins”


I was out to dinner the other night at my favorite neighbor Mexican restaurant that my friends and family have been going to for years. The authentic Mexican food is to die for. They have been cooking the same food for over 50 years and never have they changed the menu or printed new menus. They are known for their authentic vibe. I would have never thought I would have been interrupted while eating by the manager to ask me if me and my friends owned iPhones. Of course 5 out of 7 of the people did at the table. He asked us to check in that after 5 check-ins on Facebook we would receive a free desert or appetizer of our choice. I would extremely surprised that such an old, authentic restaurant would be using social media to gain customers.


I found this great video this week showing how a small restaurant in Boston gained customers by one person liking them on Facebook. I love how this video shows the steps it took to market the restaurant via social media. I think it’s a great example for smaller companies who want to integrate social media into their marketing.

Have a great week 🙂


Paid to TWEET?


The beautiful Kim Kardashian makes a staggering $10,000 for every tweet! She is the highest earning celebrity among the 1,000 celebrities who are partnered with, a company that specializes in starting the buzz about new products. What a fabulous idea? More ways these celebrities can cash in. I read on the website that she’s only allowed to blog once a day about one product. That’s $10 grand per blog, 365 days a year. That woman will make 3.65 million dollars for tweeting? I know it takes me all of 2 minutes to get something like that accomplished. is a new in-stream ad agency who partners celebrities with products. They use a celebrity who is already famous, with a ton of twitter followers to tweet about products. They have over 1,000 celebrities cashing in on this and over 25,000 endorsements! Kim Kardashian being one of the highest paid celebrities among the 1,000. The contract with Kim states she is only allowed to tweet about one product a day because it could conflict with the attention to the other products. She has only 2.7 million followers, 2.7 million minds to make an impression on. Global advertising at a push of your thumb.

Kim Kardashian, who has more than 3,210,865 followers,makes up to $10,000 per sponsored tweet, according to  SFGate.